Makiling Lodge No. 72

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Our Masonic Family

The years after its reconstitution witnessed not only the growth in lodge membership but most significantly, the formation of appendant bodies which provided support and inspiration to all its lodge undertakings.  The first group of masons that organized itself in 1977 for camaraderie and for the dwindling membership of Makiling Lodge No. 72 was the Sojourners Club of Makiling led by WB Nathaniel Lapitan of Central Luzon State University.  These sojourners were composed of brother masons from different state colleges and universities studying in UP Los Baños. 

The strong unity of the sojourners lead to the organization of the UPLB DeMolay Club in 1982 and the Masonic circle composed of young ladies and and children of masons.  The Mt. Makiling Chapter, International Order of DeMolay was constituted in 1985 under the sponsorship of the Lodge.  In the same year the Nexus Filiae was also organized under UPLB recognition.

In 1986, the Maria Makiling Chapter No. 23, Order of the Eastern Star was also constituted.  This followed the organisation of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in 1989 under the sponsorship of the Order of the Eastern Star.

As a Masonic Family, the different Orders sponsored by the Makiling Lodge No. 72 participate in each others functions and activities.

The picture shows one of the regular events wherein the masonic family of Makiling Lodge No. 72 is gathered together.