Makiling Lodge No. 72

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Fraternal Welcome!

Brethren and friends, welcome to the Makiling Lodge No. 72 website!

The lodge derived its name from the majestic mountain of Laguna, Philippines - Mount Makiling, the home of the mythical Maria Makiling, a towering symbol of strength and nature's beauty.  Maria Makiling is a fabled character in one of the stories of an illustrious mason, Bro. Jose P. Rizal.

The many masonic milestones have brought new growth and challenges. The present composition includes all the regular, affiliate and honorary members consisting of scientists, scholars, businessmen and public servants who have so distinguished themselves in their respective fields of endeavor and as member of the Masonic fraternity.

The Lodge participates in many community service projects and in the relief of the needy in the community.  It also sponsors scholarship to select students in Los Baños National Hgh School.

Indeed, the Lodge boasts of select and dedicated members who in one spirit significantly immerse themselves in the pursuit of relevance and that of creating permanent changes in their lives and those in the community.

"With creative and committed members and equally determined leadership, Makiling Lodge No. 72 looks ahead with heightened sense of confidence and enthusiasm towards the realization of the Masonic ideals of brotherly love, relief and truth in the Los Baños Community and beyond.